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Cruising returns – Grab your cabin now

Titanic moment

After over a year of complete standstill for leisure cruises, last Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives cleared HR1813 “The Alaska Tourism Recovery Act” which makes it possible for foreign flagged cruise ships to ail to Alaska from Seattle without having to comply with the 1862 Passenger Vehicle Services Act. You got it right, pleasure cruising is dependent on an antiquated 19the century law – more on that in a bit. Within hours all major cruise lines announced their plans for sailings to resume in late July 21.

Celebrity Infinity in Seward, AK

What this means is a chance to sail to Alaska this summer among the first guests-on ships with 60% occupancy or less at affordable rates – but don’t drag your decision – space is limited. Call your travel advisor today and book yourself a cruise.

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