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Caribbean Elevated – Discover Barbados

Atlantic coast beach on Barbados

Our time aboard Seabourn Odyssey wrapped up with a delicious Eggs Royale breakfast of poached eggs on English muffins with smoked salmon and caviar. Quite a treat on a day most cruise lines hurry guests off the ship early. This exquisite last meal makes me anticipate my return to the line and nourished us for a day of discovery.

Eggs Royale Seabourn Odyssey

Instead of just grabbing a taxi to the airport , Seabourn organized an island drive with picnic that ended at the airport. For just a few bucks more than a taxi, this trip gave me a complete circle drive of the 165 square mile island. Our local guide was fantastic in narration and musical numbers befitting the Barbudian way of life.

Cherry tree hill with views of Scottish valley

Leaving Bridgetown port area along the western coast, our first area of interest was #RhiannaAvenue where the mega star’ parental home is now a major tourist highlight. Then we continued on along the high end hotel zone to Port St. Charles and Port Ferdinand (developed by Roman Abramovic of Chelsea football fame. Irony is that I saw his luxury yacht docked in Dubrovnik just two months ago. For the Uber-rich, the world is a small playground., I guess.

As we wound our way past stunning beaches and tall hills, we saw the strategic geographic position of Barbados 🇧🇧 and how it mattered in the grand colonial chess game between the French, British, and Dutch. Truly a fantastic experience to round or a fab week. Lots of sailings and cabins left so ping me to book your week in paradise.

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