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America’s Histotic East – Mt. Vernon

Mt. Vernon in restored colors

For many travelers still hesitant to go abroad, there is so much to see right in our own amazing country. This is what brings me to the east coast and aboard Globus’ deluxe motor coach program called America’s Historic East. Follow along as we visit three Presidents homes and important battlefields over the next week.

Meticulously restored door trim

It’s been over a decade since I visited Mt. Vernon last and a lot has changed. Most strikingly the facade which recently was redone in the original 1700 technique of rustication. Instead of the crisp white paint of the last decades, this authentic process of applying paint and sand, restored the brownish tint of George Washington’s time alive.

Where am I?

The careful restoration continues inside where all the living room door trim and frieze work has been resurrected. One detail I did not remember from my last visit was the key of the Bastille prison in zparis that the Marquis de Lafayette whom considered George Washington his mentor and the reason for the French Revolution.

Key to Bastille prison

The afternoon of our tour included a visit to the new visitor center for the White House where we met the local Guide for a special tour. My companion and I abandoned this tour mid-way to enjoy a peaceful walk along the reflecting pool back to the Washington monument.

Covid flags on the mall in Washington

Installed only very recently, the Covid memorial represents one white flag for every known COVID-19 death – 687,167 to date. Yes, this diseases is real and it kills – so mask up and get vaccinated for your own protection and for the protection of your loved ones around you. It is the patriotic thing to do! 🇺🇸

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