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Caribbean Elevated – Farewell to the Seabourn family

Crew farewell aboard

Every great experience must come to an end eventually. So did our cruise aboard Seabourn Odyssey with a fitting celebration of crew and guests on the back pool deck. Complete with ambiance lighting and live music, this gathering had a bit of sadness for many of us that were leaving the next day. Seabourn really has this amazing ambiance and flair of family you don’t want to leave – ever.

Crew celebration

Speaking of the crew that delivered such an amazing week, they were all invited to the reception as well so that guests could say thanks directly. It was an emotional exchange between guests and ship staff I have never experienced in this celebratory way on any ocean ship before. Hats off to Seabourn for fostering such a convivial atmosphere and engagement with guests and crew.

Staff farewell

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