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America’s Historic East – Ode to Presidents past

Lincoln Memorial

As any visit following the path of our founding fathers should, this program starts in Washington DC. First up we’re visits to three key Presidents of our nation’s history, Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln as well as walks past the Korean and Vietnam war memorials.

Jefferson Memorial

Much has been written over the centuries about the “American Experiment” and its key protagonists. Most famously and creatively by Lyn Manuel Miranda in the of Hamilton the blockbuster musical. Check it out and refresh your historic knowledge by joining one of these amazing #Guidedvacationsrock offerings.

Victory monument at Yorktown

Hamilton, while never President features large our next stop. He led a regiment in the decisive battle and subsequent victory at Yorktown where the British surrendered – thus initiating the ending to an eight year war of independence on September 3rd 1783.

Powerful words describing the event

More from our tour of America’s Historic East tomorrow with a visit to the settlement on Jamestown and colonial Williamsburg. Stay tuned.

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