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Journey to Paradise – Moorea and Dolphin discovery

Windstar Star Breeze in Cook’s Bay Moorea

Once our string of 3 covid-19 tests three days in a row was behind us, we were cleared to board our vessel – the recently stretched Star Breeze in Papeete. The first night was uneventful as we all settled in. The next morning though, we arrived in a protected coral inlet called Cook’s Bay on Moorea. Jaw-dropping scenery and 80 degree waters were waiting for us here.

Dolphin discovery on Moorea

Little did I know that my Alma matter UC Berkeley operates a remote research station and campus on this island. I may have to come back here to write my first book someday – it is this special a place.

Led by Dr Michael Poole our expertly prepared and delivered spinner dolphin tour began with a spectacular ride along the lagoon past magical landscapes and turquoise waters to a natural break in the outer reef which creates a harbor and entry/exit route for these amazing creatures. Spinner dolphins are the smallest of the dolphin family in size and weight. We learned that they live in pods of 25 to 50 individuals and they fish at night and rest inside tge protected reef area during the day.

Selfie on Moorea

The afternoon flew by as we learned from Dr Poole how he came to the island and what his field studies consist of. The observation and sights of dolphins was an added bonus. In addition to them we also saw two sea turtles and some sting rays. This was one of the best excursions I have taken. I highly recommend it to any #Windstarcruises guests visiting here.

Star Breeze in Cooks Bay

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