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Swiss Alps by cable train

The world’s steepest cable train

A few months after Pikes Peak, I was fortunate to ride another legendary train, this time to my house mountain called Niesen overlooking mighty lakes Thun and Brienz. It’s been at least 35 years since I last rode this fabulous train. Lots changed in my life to say the least, yet this engineering marvel still operates with its original tracks and rail cars built in Bern by Gangloff. A true trip down memory lane!

My sister and husband with nephew Marc

Built between 1906 and 1910, this mountaineering marvel of a steep climb ast an average of 65 to 68 degrees angle, takes guests to over 2000 meters/6000 feet in a 30 minute ride. What makes this route so novel is it’s middle station where guests must change trains.

My face is not a reflection of the flag, rather of the chill wind blowing my way

Despite the chill wind and clouds, this peak offers scenic 360 degree views of the Swiss alps which are engraved in my memories forever. The epic sights of Eiger, Moench, and Jungfrau is always a stunning, no matter the weather. These three iconic peaks form tie basin for the Bernese Oberland.

My sister and I with the three mountains Eiger, Muench, and Jungfrau
Full track map

I recommend this peak to any visitor that does not have time to climb to tge Top of Europe (Jungfrau hoch) as a more time-efficient option. The base of the cable train is easily reached from Bern by train in 35 minutes. Put this on your to do list, it is worth the time.

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