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Conferences return – Exploration day

Day of action at Xplor park by Xcaret

Two days of conference agenda and business meetings completed, Saturday morning awaited with active choices. From a large selection, I picked the action packed Xplora park option which provided an immersive experience of the geologically unique features of the Yucatán peninsula.

Troglodytes are the mascot of this park

Our group of ten left the Dreams Vista Cancun at 730am on a Mercedes sprinter and we made our way down past Playa del Carmen to the park. Very popular, the lines where quite long and the Vovid-9 protocol was strict. Masks at all times, 6feet spacing, spray and hand sanitizer everywhere and required. While most of our group complied, some felt it was ridiculous to have to do all these measures.

Stock photo as cameras are not allowed for safety

Our first activity was zip lining the shorter of two available courses which was tons of fun. By the way, both courses end in a completely soaked state under waterfalls. At 85 degrees air temperature this is no problem at all. Plus, the course is set up in a way where every activity ends in the central “corazon” area with lockers, bathrooms, and lounge area.

Tons of fun was had by all in our group. I highly recommend this activity to anyone who loves adventure and action. The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating and pleasant and the setting of underground caves and cenotes is unrivaled anywhere in the world.

ATV track was my fave (stock photo)

Not surprisingly, the ATV track was my highlight which I repeated twice. First trip as a passenger and second as a driver. This 5 km corse twists and turns it’s way through caves, bridges and sand tracks. Loved it!

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