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Europe opens up – Montenegro is stunning

Boka Bay panorama

Today represented the opportunity to add a new country to my collection as our grou departed Croatia and entered Montenegro for our final leg of the trip.

Border checkpoint (psst I was not supposed to take this pic)

This tiny republic broke away from greater Serbia peacefully in 2006 and is now blossoming into a hidden gem of a destination. With a natural asset such as this stunning bay that goes inland for miles and miles as backdrop, Montenegro is a magical land offering stunning vista and heartwarming experiences at every turn.

Short car ferry to reach Tivat and Lustica peninsula

One can quickly understand why the country is named aptly with steep mountain cliffs in granite hues – Montenegro means black mountains. Add to that Adriatic blue waters and pristine coastline for miles and you have the perfect mix for a unforgettable experience. With new nonstop flights to Dubrovnik on Delta and United starting July 4th, this hidden paradise is closer than you think. A short 2 hour drive from the Croatian airport and you sit at a beach in Portonovi where I find myself today.

Aperol Spritz at One & Only Portonovi

Our day included a scenic drive through around Lustica Peninsula where we met the Malic family that has been making olive oil for over 300 years. It was both, educational and a reminiscence of my great grandmother’s farm in Safnern. More on this and the lodging at One&Only Portonovi in my next blog.

654 years in this picture- you do the math

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